Hope and Healing Counseling is Here to Help You

So, you’ve decided to find a counselor…I commend you for taking such a big step and seeking help.
Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed or hopeless?

If the issues in your life are interrupting your ability to function (live, love, or work)… then you’ve come to the right place. Maybe you just need a little help in finding purpose or making some key decisions and changes in your life.

No matter how small or big the issue, we're here to help. Together, We will identify your goals for coming to therapy and overcome the adversity in your life. You will discover practical solutions to those problems that are causing you emotional turmoil and we do it all through the counseling relationship.

Through counseling you can improve communication and coping skills, strengthen your self-esteem, and make necessary behavioral changes that will get you to your desired results.

At Hope and Healing Counseling, we offer a safe place to be heard, understood, and supported on your journey. Our goal is that you find HOPE and HEALING, RESTORATION and GROWTH.

We serve the needs of all persons, all ages, from children, adolescents, individuals, couples and families.

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