Clinical Oversight During Residency

As required by the Regulations and Laws Governing the Practice of Counseling in Virginia, you are hereby provided supervision information regarding our Resident in Counseling, Tamika Lord to help assure you of the quality of her services and to provide a reporting mechanism for comments or concerns you might want to bring to her supervisor’s attention. Resident in Counseling receives Clinical Supervision Services from: Joanne (Jodi) M. Moore, LPC, NCC, BCETS, CCH

A Note from Jodi:

Ms. Lord is a gifted clinician with extensive life experience that helps inform her work. Her clients benefit greatly from the exceptional service they receive, and enjoy the added benefit of highly economical therapy and counseling services. Clinical supervision is a requirement for Residency and must occur on, at minimum, a weekly basis. If you are working with Ms. Lord, or are considering seeking her services, please be assured that she is a highly trained clinician who is in the last phase of her preparation for independent private practice. Clinical Supervision incorporates all aspects of clinical practice with a focus on client case reviews, discussion of current issues, best interventions, and methods that will address suffering.  In supervision, the Resident overviews her cases with her supervisor and receives guidance, correction, and suggestions, thus ensuring that the client receives the best care the Resident can offer, and the best care that her supervisor can offer. It is like having two highly qualified therapists working on your case at once. As her Clinical Supervisor, I am also the person to contact if you have questions or concerns about her practices. If so, I encourage you to address your concerns with Tamika first. Most of the time, a simple discussion can address issues. However, if your concern or need cannot be address by Tamika, please contact me at you convenience using the information provided below:

Joanne (Jodi) M. Moore, LPC, NCC, BCETS, CCH

Call or Text Jodi at: 757-404- 3747

Email her at:

Write to her at: 2508 Calumet Drive Virginia Beach VA 23456

Please state in your message or letter the issue or topic of your report (e.g. commending

Tamika for excellence, expressing concern about some aspect of your treatment).


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