Fees for Service

A ministry of healing

The current rate for individual, couples and family services is $50 per therapeutic session (50-60 minutes). This does not include cost for online couples assessments. Group and seminar rates vary. We offer a sliding scale on a limited basis when requested. Please inquire for more information. Fees can be paid by cash or charge prior to, or on the same day of client’s appointment.

Hope and Healing Counseling ministry is a not-for- profit, faith-based organization and must recover its operating costs to remain viable. Our fees are designed to ensure that we can pay our staff, insurance, and all other overhead costs. A portion of these expenses is defrayed by donations and contributions, but we must rely on fees to cover most of our costs.

If you would be so generous to support this ministry, your donations help us to provide mental health services to those who could otherwise not afford care. Donations also help contribute to community outreach efforts. For more information, you can email us with subject line “I’d like to give” or you may make a donation online. 



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